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Come, enjoy, savor…

In the Barrio de Salamanca and surrounded by the best shopping in Madrid is this restaurant Cinco Jotas, the best ambassador of Osborne Restaurants. The perfect place to take a break and enjoy the best Cinco Jotas acorn fed 100% ibérico ham and our ibérico meats.

A place of worship
to our tradition

A place of worship to our tradition that combines essence, texture, flavor and that is perceived in every corner, as well as in our menu, perfect to captivate the senses through the fusion of art and gastronomy.


Make your visit to Cinco Jotas Serrano, an unforgettable experience.


  • · Ham carving masterclass
  • · Wine tasting in our cellars
  • · Welcome drink
  • · Audiovisual material available on request
Cinco Jotas Serrano

Calle Serrano 118, 28006 Madrid

+34 91 563 27 10

  Maximum 72 pax
Room 1
  Cocktail 30 pax
  Seated 72 pax
Room 2
  Seated 28 pax


Cinco Jotas 100% Ibéricos colection
de Cinco Jotas,
Pure Mastery.


100% ibérico ham

100% Ibérico

Cinco Jotas Ham

100% Ibérico Shoulder ham

100% Ibérica

Cinco Jotas Acorn-fed Shoulder Ham

100% ibérico Loin

100% Ibérico

Cinco Jotas Loin

100% ibérico Shoulder cut

100% Ibérica

Cinco Jotas Shoulder Cut

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