When Christmas comes around once again, the passion for luxurious gastronomy is reborn. We often celebrate the holidays around a large communal table enjoying meals prepared with love. Family, friends, joy and... Cinco Jotas.

From acorn-fed 100% ibérico ham to loin, presa to sausage, Cinco Jotas delicacies are a must at every Christmas dinner table. Adding a touch of distinction, they can be the perfect way to get the party started! They can also be the perfect starting point for some exceptionally delicious seasonal dishes.

Take this artichoke recipe, for example, in a succulent sauce with Cinco Jotas jamón flakes; a true delight for lovers of this healthy winter vegetable. The result is a delightful, traditional dish that packs a nutritious punch.

Cinco Jotas artichoke recipe

Our UK ambassador, the successful Spanish chef José Pizarro (with 3 restaurants in London), recommends a recipe in this video that is perfectly aligned with the Christmas spirit. Razor clams filled with Cinco Jotas, a harmonious dish of sea and land, impeccably seasoned with a tantalizing sauce of parsley, lemon and cava sparkling wine. Easy, quick to prepare and full of festive flavour. A sure hit!

At Christmastime many Spanish homes consider this next dish to be part of an essential culinary tradition: fresh chard with almond sauce. Though known in other countries around the world, Spanish cuisine adds their own special magic touch: a sprinkling of finely-diced Cinco Jotas ibérico ham. Did you know that acorn-fed 100% ibérico ham evokes a sensory explosion of nuts? That's one of the reasons why the combination of almond sauce and fresh vegetables is so very satisfying.

Cinco Jotas almond sauce and fresh vegetables

We invite you to savour this Christmas with all the traditions, flavours and sophistication of Cinco Jotas, both when preparing holiday meals for Christmas and New Year's as well as when choosing that perfect Christmas gift that will keep the spirit of Christmas alive with delectable gourmet memories.