Exploring the delicacy of Iberian pigs since 1879

Since the very beginning, Cinco Jotas has counted on the wisdom of Jabugo locals who, for five generations, have contributed the talents of their ancestral culture.

The tradition remains to this day thanks to the preservation of specialized trades inherited from the know-how and skill sets from days gone by.

The curing process remains the same. The detailed treatment of each piece of ham means that Acorn-fed 100% ibérico ham truly is unique in the world.

Each Cinco Jotas ham is a reflection of years of skilled craftsmanship that has been devoted to its development.

The masters create a soulful delicacy

The heart
of our history.

Every history has its origins. Come visit ours, and discover how the legend of the most exclusive ham in the world began. Join us and become a part of that legend.

Take a stroll through our curing cellars and witness a five-year maturation process that has remained unchanged since 1879.

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