A Limited Edition Collection from Cinco Jotas in collaboration with Oteyza

The haute couture men's fashion designer Oteyza has dressed this year's Cinco Jotas Christmas Collection, creating six unique pieces that bring together fashion and gastronomy in perfectly choreographed fusion.  This Limited Edition shows the Cinco Jotas Masters in their greatest splendour, reflecting the singular performance that goes into creating each unique acorn-fed Iberian pork product through their extraordinary craftsmanship. Oteyza shows the Masters wearing their iconic capes and hats, elevating the gestures that they make in the pursuit of excellence.

Nueva Colección de Navidad: Serie Maestros Cinco Jotas x Oteyza

Alongside the ideal climate for curing and maturing 100% Iberian jamón de bellota, the other feature of Cinco Jotas that has an extraordinary influence on the final product is the expertise of our master craftsmen. They use their talent and devotion to create unique pieces that exceed the very highest quality requirements:

  • The Master Sculptor is responsible for defining the shape of each ham.
  • The Master Salter is responsible for seasoning the ham and calculating the exact amount of salt needed to cure each piece.
  • The Cellar Master is in charge of the drying process, monitoring the temperature and humidity levels in the cellars.
  • The Master Jamonero supervises the curing process and determines when the ham has reached its optimum moment, using his senses of touch and smell.
  • The Master Carver ensures through his mastery and prodigious skills that each slice is the perfect thickness and size, plating it up in the perfect way for the final moment of tasting.

The Cinco Jotas x Oteyza Masters Series pays homage to these masters, who convert these Cinco Jotas hams into true works of Spanish gastronomic art.

Nueva Colección de Navidad: Serie Maestros Cinco Jotas x Oteyza

As if in a dance, the repetitive and measured movements of the Cinco Jotas Masters are represented across the six pieces in the Cinco Jotas Christmas Collection, converting them into small items of Haute Couture thanks to Oteyza's design. A duo of men's fashion designers who uphold traditional tailoring and champion prèt-a-couture. In this collection, Paul García de Oteyza and Caterina Pañeda play with classic elements in a new way, dressing the Cinco Jotas Masters in their elegant interplay between gastronomy and fashion.

The new Cinco Jotas collection is available online from the 16th October.