A relationship of excellence between two icons of Spanish gastronomy

Pedro Subijana and his Michelin 3-star restaurant Akelarre form a duo that combines shared talent with the way that our 100% Iberian Cinco Jotas acorn-fed pork products are made. Subijana, who has been working with Cinco Jotas for almost 12 years, has been President of the jury of the Cinco Jotas Cooking Challenge with students from the Basque Culinary Center, since the outset. He shares values like a passion for excellence, unlimited creativity and innovation with the brand.

Pedro Subijana & Cinco Jotas

"Taking a slice of finely carved Cinco Jotas ham, putting it in your mouth, and waiting patiently for it to warm up is a real experience. The quality of Cinco Jotas is unrivalled,” Subijana doesn't hesistate in saying.

After so many years working together, we at Cinco Jotas feel very proud to be part of the family at Akelarre, one of the world's finest restaurants. A number of dishes made using Cinco Jotas meats and charcuterie feature on the menu, and they are constantly innovating and finding new ways to present the products

We saw an example of this at a workshop in @restauranteakelarre, where Head Chef @pedro.subijana treated us to a masterclass that included a live cooking demonstration of various dishes using Cinco Jotas, such as the Iberian Pancetta and Cabbage checkerboard.

"Cinco Jotas 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham is an icon of Spanish gastronomy thanks to the breed of pigs, what they are fed and how they live in freedom. Also, due to the craftsmanship of the masters who, generation after generation, take part in the process of making these unique creations," concludes Subijana